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Speech Language Evaluations


Our speech therapists have expertise in evaluating children with a variety of communication and language disorders. They have specialized training in treating expressive and receptive language delays, apraxia, difficulty with oral-motor function, articulation disorders and pragmatic language/social communication disorders, cognitive behavioral approach to social skills training. They also have experience in developing augmentative communication strategies.


Services available include:

• Speech / Language Assessment

Occupational Evaluations


Our Occupational Therapists provide a full range of individualized occupational therapy treatment options. Behavioral principles are used while working on functional independence, play skills, and motor skills. Our therapist has a strong background in school-based evaluations.  Our Occupational Therapists evaluate:


  • Sensory Processing Skills

  • Self Regulation Skills

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Motor Coordination Skills

  • Visual Motor Skills

  • Visual Perceptual Skills

  • Daily Living Skills  

  • Play Skills


Occupational services include:

  • School-Based Occupational Therapy Assessment – fine motor, visual-motor, daily living and play skills; sensory functioning

When providing treatment to children and families, our team implements only those interventions for which there exists scientific evidence to support their effectiveness and utility.

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.

-Robin Williams

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