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Diahna Davis

Hi there!


My name is Diahna Davis.  I am a school psychologist who specializes in crisis intervention and facilitating social skill groups and grief groups for students in order to empower students to overcome and succeed. I have experience assisting with developing interactive and engaging ways to teach students about academic achievement, conflict resolution, unhealthy/healthy relationships, and goal setting. As a school psychologist, I  have successfully collaborated with teachers and parents in order to assist with academic and behavioral interventions for students in the classroom, home, and community settings. I have experience with Mental Health providing individual and group counseling.



Kalie Iliano




My name is Kalie Iliano, and I am a speech-language pathologist specializing in school aged children presenting with a variety of needs including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Expressive/Receptive Language Disorders, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, etc. I received my bachelors degree from Ohio University in 2013 and my masters degree from Cleveland State University in 2015. I am very passionate about speech-language pathology and helping children grow! I look forward to working with your children!



Robert P. Norton

What's up everyone!


My name is Robert Norton. I am a licensed school psychologist specializing in school-aged children presenting with a variety of needs in the areas of academic learning, social-emotional learning, behaviors, and mental health. I received my bachelor's degree from Ohio University in 2008, and my post-masters specialist degree from Cleveland State in 2014. I have been practicing as a school psychologist in the traditional school setting and online school setting for seven years. I passed my Ohio board of Psychology exam in November 2019, and am happy to bring my expertise along with the tremendous knowledge and skills from our team, to this practice. We all are extremely passionate about working with learners of all ages, and look forward to working with you!




My name is JoMarie Mascia. I am an occupational therapist specializing in school-aged children who are experiencing sensory and/or motor challenges that limit their ability to achieve maximum success. I received my Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences in Occupational Therapy from Cleveland State University and was licensed by the State of Ohio in 1988. I received a Master of Science in Health Sciences from Cleveland State University in 2019. My early career experience was working in a pediatric hospital providing services to newborns through school-aged children, both in acute care and outpatient settings, working with children with varying diagnoses and needs. I have been working over 25 years in a public school setting working with students preschool through high school who present with mild to severe limitations to help them overcome sensory, perceptual, and motor challenges in order to maximize their independence.

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JoMarie Mascia

M.S. / OTL

They say every man is defined by his reaction to any given situation
Well, who would you want to define you?
Someone else, or yourself?
Whatever you do, give your heart to it
and stay strong

-Nipsey Hustle

Meet the Team

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