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At Norton School and Community Consulting, we understand that multiple settings affect the development and behavior of children and adolescents. We strive to develop and utilize collaborations among the home, school, and community-based settings to provide comprehensive services to students with academic, social-emotional, and mental health concerns. 

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Kids in Preschool

Charisma Curry, Parent

The evaluation team really helped guide me through the educational testing that is involved in the special education process. They helped ease my anxieties about my daughter receiving special education services.

Natasha Lovelace, Parent

It was nice to finally be able to find a young black male that could relate to my son's needs. Mr. Norton understands children and teens and is truly there to help them. 

Barbara Wilcher, Teacher

It has been a great experience collaborating with the team at Norton School and Community to help bring awareness to parents and educate them on servicing their childrens' needs


11104 Wade Park Ave

Cleveland, Ohio 44106


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